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History of the B2Gnow Contract and Diversity Management System

The SMWBE Program gets data about SMWBE vendors from at least seven sources. A great deal of time is spent trying to reconcile information about the vendors that are found in multiple sources. Data is used for reporting and for outreach.

Outreach involves public viewing of basic vendor and product data as well as creating mailing labels and solicitation listings. A single database with all needed data in one place would greatly simplify the work currently needed for outreach and reporting and would improve the quality of both efforts.

For additional information see BCIS SMWBE Tracking Analysis 2002

Some important issues that were included are:

Project goals and objectives

Create and maintain a database for data about opportunities, bidders, contracts, primary and sub-contractors.

Background and reason for the project/request

The County has a goal for SMWBE participation of 20 percent minority and 30 percent small business. Commissioners Court has tasked the SMWBE Program with developing procedures and processes to achieve the program goals. Improve evaluation by expanded analysis and wider dissemination of information is needed. Actual participation is underreported because subcontractors are not tracked.

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Business Process Improvements with CDMS

Improved evaluation by expanded analysis and wider dissemination by:
Performing a joint internal program assessment annually
Calculating rate of participation by commodity code
Determine participants by both SCTRCA & other certified and non certified vendors
Track subcontractors
Accurate tracking of all vendors contact & payment information
Countywide access to vendors for staff solicitations

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