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Active Listings
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Copier Lease Request for Quote - Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department1/27/2023
Probate Court 1 Carpet Replacement1/24/2023
438th District Court Flooring Project1/24/2023
Bid Alert! Event 991-1 Adult Probation Retaining Wall1/20/2023
Bid Alert! Event #992-0 Comprehensive Insurance Consulting Services1/18/2023
Bid Alert! Event #990-0 Whole Life Insurance1/18/2023
Bid Alert! Event #989-0 Basic Life, AD&D, Disability1/18/2023
Bid Alert! Event #988-0 Legal Assistance Program1/18/2023
Bid Alert! Event #987-0 Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity and Accident1/18/2023
Bid Alert! Event #986-0 Voluntary Dental Insurance1/18/2023
Bid Alert! Event #985-0 Voluntary Vision Insurance1/18/2023
San Antonio River Authority "Meet the Project Manager Mixer"1/17/2023
Bid Alert! Event 983-1 Parking Garage Sweeping Services1/13/2023
Bid Alert! Event #979-1 HVAC Inspections, Preventative Maintenance, and Re1/13/2023
Bid Alert Event #984-0 Employee Assistance Program1/11/2023
Bid Alert Event # 977-0- High Availability Architectures Disaster Recovery12/26/2022
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