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Information for County Staff

The Bexar County Contract & Diversity Management System allows for fully streamlined and automated audits. It's designed around the way you work, making your job easier without upsetting familiar routines.

CDMS Presentation and Helpful Hints

CDMS Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDMS?

CDMS provides for governments of all sizes to streamline and improve the effectiveness of their supplier diversity programs. This software replaces inefficient paper-based processes that are labor intensive and error prone. CDMS products enable reliable, efficient, user-friendly processes which result in data which is more timely, complete, and accurate. A better quality of data will allow staff to focus on what matters.

How is it beneficial to my department or office?

CDMS is designed to make all of Bexar County more efficient. The majority of your contracts probably go through the purchasing department; however they are still your contracts. This system would allow you to log on and view any of your contract information without having to go though the tediousness of having other departments find the paperwork and call you back. You will be able to track expiration dates, insurance requirements, subcontractor information and payment information. The system also allows for important documents to be attached as files to each contract. This would allow you to keep pricing and product lists accessible and always attached to its respective contract.

Is it only for SMWBE tracking?

No, the CDMS system does contract compliance, generates reports, letters and maintains all of your contract information even without SMWBE goal tracking. It is multi-functional.

Will the information I enter be kept confidential? Who will have access?

Each department or office will be able to maintain confidentiality with the information they enter. Only people you authorize and the system administrator will able to access any of your information.

Is this maintained by the Purchasing Department?

No, the system is maintained by the vendor through the county web-site and administered by the SBED.

Is it mandatory to use this system?

No, the system is not currently a mandatory requirement for use by all departments. As the SMWBE policies and goals of Bexar County are changed, the need for the system will become more evident and usage will increase. It is beneficial for your department to become familiar with the system so you can focus on entering your information instead of training on the system.

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